Sunday, June 19, 2011

Setting Sail!!!!!!!

i graduated from DH school and for my grad present from my parents we went on a cruise to the western Caribbean!!!!!!!!!! so on June 3rd we flew to Miami Flourdia!! we stayed at the Hilton hotel that night and the next day we stood in lines all day to get on our boat called the carnival liberty! this boat was huge and it was decorated with so many different themes on each level of the boat! seth and i had our own balcony room on the 9th floor and my parents, Alyssa and michael had there rooms next to ours, so we were able to open our balcony doors to make a huge balcony and see more of the ocean! we set sail at about 4 o'clock. we were at sea for the first day! it was fun we played games ate lots of food, toured the boat and watched a movie on the big screen! ps it was super humid the whole time blah i thought i was going to die.

our first port that we arrived at was Cozumel Mexico! seth and my dad went scuba diveing! and the rest of use went snorkeling and went to this beach after that had all these huge blow up toys! like a huge slide and trampoline!!! after our excursions we did a little shopping of course and got some souvenirs!

then we spent another day at sea before we arrived at the Grand Cayman island!!!!!! Seth and dad dove the west wall and saw turtles, barracudas, stingrays and all kinds of tropical fish!!! mom, Alyssa, michael and i went scuba diving and to stingray city! the fish were so pretty!! and the water was so clear and warm it was like a bath! stingray city is on this little sand bar out in the middle of the ocean and these huge stingrays come up to you! and you get to hold them and play with them! they were not scared of humans but very curious! it was awesome! after that excursion mom, Alyssa, michael and I went on a 2nd excursion and we went to a turtle farm and they had over 8,000 turtles from newborns to 65yrs old!!! they were so cool! they let us hold the baby's and i almost stole one they were so cute! and the older ones were huge! some of them weighed over 300lbs! they were awesome! we also went to this little volcano rock area of the island and the name of the place was HELL. hahaha. our tour guide on this excursion knew the owner of this tour spot and bought us all souvenirs! she was a funny old women! my sister got a bell, mom got a ash tray, michael got a shot glass and i got salt and pepper shakers that said Ive been to hell and back hahaha she was funny and obviously didn't know that we don't smoke or drink haha!

our last port of our trip was jamica!!! this was a very diffrent port everyone wanted you to buy something or take you on a tour or sell you drugs hahaha we did run into the missionaries which was really cool to see that the church is on that little island! mom, michael and alyssa went on a tubeing adventure down the river, and since i am prego seth dad and i went on this sky explorer excursion! it was so fun and relaxing! we went on this ski lift thing up through the jungal part of the island. we ended up on top of this hill were they had this little resort with a pool and a resturant and shops! the pool was amazing because jamaica was by far the hottest and most humid out of all the ports. at the restaurant we had to have jerked pork and it was amazing!!!! yummmmm! after we were done there we took the lift back down and headed back to ship and did some souvenir shopping on the way!

after Jamaica we had one more day at sea. we played games saw comedy and magic shows!! and of course we had tons of food!!!! we woke up Saturday morning to Miami :( i was supper sad that our trip was over so fast. it was by far the best vacation ever!!! i had so much fun with my hubby ( which by the way this was his first cruise and he loved it) and family!!!!!!! thank you mom and dad for the best grad present ever!!! i cant wait to do another family trip like that again!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ranch Trip and Garretts Fairwell

seth finally meet me in cali the second week i was home. it was hard to be away from him for a whole week. seth garrett and my dad went to the Hat Creek family ranch for one last boys weekend until garrett left for the MTC. they did what every boy does shoot lots of guns and small animals like marments. oh and they also fished and i think seth was the only one who caught a fish.

while the boys were at the ranch me michael alyssa and mom started getting things ready for garretts fairwell party. on sunday  alot of family came up for garretts talk. he did a really good job!! after church he got seat apart as a missionary! later that night we had lots of family and friends come to the house to say good buy to gman. it was a very emotional day. on tuesday mom me and seth flew out here to utah. during the day we went and finished getting the last things gman needs for his mission and on wedsenday June 1st at 1:15 we took him to the MTC. it was really hard not to get emotional but i tried to keep it together for mom. seth was really good at distracting us after garrett left. i hope and pray that garrett will learn the language fast and be safe in peru. im excited for the experiances he will get and the blessings he will recive! and of course i cant wait to see him in 2yrs when he gets home! ( its wierd to think that garrett wont meet his nephew until he is 1 1/2 yrs old)


Went home for two weeks!!!

on may 17th i went home to spend time with my family! it was so nice to be home and spend time with them! my mom and i made baby bumpers, a fitted sheet and a blanket for a baby cradle that my grandma penney had! i did a lot of random things like ride on my dads new tractor! ran alot of ariens with my mom and bought my first baby outfit!

i also saw a huge snake on the road and played out side with the dogs! over all it was very relaxing for the first week.