Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 YR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today is our 2yr anniversary!!!! but since it is sunday we decided to celebrate it last night!! first seth surprised me with a cute charm necklace with my initial and his!! i love it!!
then we went on a beutiful drive up through provo canyon to park city!!! everything was so green!! i loved it! we had about a hour till dinner so we walked around the cute little shops on main street and we stumbled upon this Navajo Indian jewlary shop and we decided to go in and look at all the neat stuff!!! i absolutly look turquoise! i love it so much it was my main wedding color! any way they had a bunch of it! and seth being the amazing husband that he is insisted that he buy me one even though he had already gotten me something. so i picked out this green turquoise bracelet!!!! its so beautiful!!
after our fun walk around park city we went to Ruths Chris steakhouse!! wow talk about good food!!seth decied to order a 20oz steak omg when that thing came out it looked like the butcher just brought out half the cow! i stuck with the small 6oz filet steak haha we also shared a Caesar salad, a side of mashed potatoes and broccoli!! yummmm it was by far the best food i  ever had. when we were done with dinner the waiter insisted that we have a chocolate explosion for desert! how could we say no to that! so of course we had that as well. when they brought it out they apologized that it said happy birthday instead of happy anniversary hahah and yes i know seth and i were a couple of pigs last night.
as we were driving home we passed this huge tree full of diffrent shoes in its branches! it had running shoes, ski shoes, skate shoes, every kind you can think of, so i had to take a picture of it!! I'm seriously thinking about going back up there and contributing my UCDH white clinic shoes to the tree!!!
when we got to provo we decided to go to the movies since it was only 8 oclock and seth had 2 free passes so we figuared why not. we went and saw the movie Rio, it was a really cute annimated movie about a bird who couldnt fly and needed to save his species. it was actually very funny i enjoyed it!!!  later that night as we were getting ready for bed i started to feel the baby kick! i felt one kick for the first time when we were in idaho the day before but this time seth was able to feel because the baby was kick harder and multiple times!!!! we were both super excited!! now i know there  is something in there and im not just getting fat hahaha. 
im so grateful for my husband and all that he does for me! i dont know what i would do without him, these past two years have been amazing! and i cant wait for the rest of eternity to spend with him!!!! this is a anniversary i will never forget!!!!!!!
p.s. yes my eyes r closed hahaha


Last Thursday night seth and i started the long and boring ride up to Rexburg Idaho. to our amazment sexy rexy has gotten huge!!!! like a brand new apartment building at every corner, a new cafateria building, a mini confrence hall and sky walks conected to every building on campus!!! it was crazy how many new resturants were built and how many more people there were, i honestly didnt know rexburg had it to expand! anyway seth and i stayed at the dyers all weekend, we traveled around the new rexburg and saw all the new things on campus and even ate cafeteria food which wasnt too bad. we then visited brittany McCuiston's moms cute little stores and i finally bought my dipper bag at her baby store!!!!!!!!!!!! its supper cute and im really excited about it!!!! that night we went brittanys wedding reception, she looked amazing and very happy. we ate sandwiches and veggies and treats from the chocolate fountain!!! yummm!!! a couple hours later we visited Nick Beckleys family and saw there new chocolate lab puppy named roxy she was so cute!!!!!! the next morning we went to Lone Pine and got 4 new bushes and a lilac tree!! it smells really good!!! Saturday morning came along and we made the long drive back to provo for our 2yr anniversary date!!! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We had the best FHE with misty and russ!!! first we
 went to the driveing range and misty and i showed the boys are amazing skills and basically kicked there butts!!!! hahaha jk then we went to cold stone and got some amazing ice cream ummmm!!!!!!!!!!!!! then we came back to our house and challenged misty and russ to a mean game of corn hole and unfortunately seth and i lost. oh well next time we will get them!!!! oh and of course misty has the best jump shot with a bean bag i have ever seen!!!!