Saturday, September 24, 2011

Seth's 27th Birthday!!!!!!

this year seth wanted to go camping for his birthday. i couldnt go because im 38 weeks prego and i dont think it would be very comfortable haha. so they boys went camping and us girls had a girls night. so frriday night the boys went camping and it rained for most of the night so they came home the next morning soaking wet. i felt bad for them but they sad they still had fun! they also decided to bring some guns, so they went shooting that night as well, and of course when they came home i found out seth wore his long john PJs all night. im not surprised one bit haha.

                                          Huge Marshmallow

                                           Jason shooting the Russian gun
                                           Dave shooting Garrett's gun
                                           Seth shooting Garrett's gun
                                           Nick shooting the Russian gun

Saturday we all went to Tucanos for dinner and then we went to the Provo beach resort in the river bottoms. Seth, Nick and Jason went on the ropes coarse. then we watched Dave, Seth and Nick do the golf simulator and last but not least we all did a round of croquet! it was a lot of fun i would love to do it again!!!!
                                           Seth, Nick and Jason starting on the ropes coarse

                                          Nick and Jason
                                           Nick and Seth

After we played at the Beach Resort we went back home and had a cowboy party! all the boys had there own hat and toy gun. we also had a boot pinata! it was kinda childish but tons of fun!!!!

 for Seth's birthday my parents got him a gift card to Cabelas! and Seth bought him self a gun! he is super excited about it. also i got him a Colts golf bag!
                                          shooting squirt guns at Cabelas


Friday, September 23, 2011

California and house boat trip!!!

its been a while since i have blogged. so my hubby and i went back to cali (the week of aug 8th) to visit my fam and go on our yearly house boat trip at bullards!!! it was so mush fun to just relax on the lake for a whole week! i want able to wake board bc im so prego but it was fun to watch and just to swim all day!!!

waterfall right outside of our house boat! and pic of the perfect water, and me!
                                                  me and little sis
                                                   of course we ate lots of food
                                                  me and my hubby
                                                    Seth wakeboarding
                                                  Seth wakeboarding
                                                    Alyssa wakeboarding
                            the boat ran out of gas in the middle of
                            the lake so we had to paddle it back to
                            the houseboat!!!!!
                                              Seth wakeboarding
                                                 Seth wakeboarding
                           dad trying to fix the generator on the houseboat

after the houseboat my little sister and mom threw me a baby shower!!!!!!!!!! it was so awesome seeing everyone and getting new baby stuff for our little guy!!!! i cant wait to use everything i got when he comes!
                                             Welcome Baby BOY!!!

    kayla, holley, lisa, mommy and me! the old gang back together again!
                     michael tying the baby balloons onto rusty's tail