Saturday, June 23, 2012


we packed up and moved to AZ! seth got into the Phoenix School of law this fall so we decided to move down early so seth could work at the best place on earth! Golfland Sunsplash! also so we can watch our house being built in power ranch! besides the scorpions we see, we really love it! swimming all day will never get boring. wyatt is now 8months old, and now says mama and dada and is trying to walk before crawling haha. he still loves to eat and he loves to swim! we are going to get him baby swim leasons from our cousin chris! on our way down from UT we stopped at Bryce Canyon national park which was really pretty to see!
 Bryce Canyon
 wyatt just wanted to watch the cars go by (Bryson Canyon)

 we wanted to feel the red dirt!
 Wyatt and his two little teeeth
 Wyatt giving Kisses
 Wyatt folds his hands when he sleeps
 He sleeps so good on mommy and daddy's bed
 were our new house is going to be built!

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